Adjunct Professor

Bob Horowitz recently taught again as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Colorado School of Law. He has also closed over $80 million in transactions in just the past 18 months for one of Colorado’s oldest institutions.

DMSL Prevails in Builder’s Suit Against Homeowner

The firm recently prevailed in an arbitration hearing brought on behalf of Rocky Mountain Custom Homes, Inc. RMCH is a well known custom home builder in the south Denver area who has also built several “Parade of Homes” residences. The claim was against a homeowner who failed to pay $300,000 in costs in connection with the construction of his $1.2 million custom home. The homeowner had alleged that the work was not authorized and/or the work did not meet reasonable … Continued

Big Victory for Client in Malpractice Suit

Bruce Smith and Lee Darling won a $555,000 verdict in Denver District Court on a legal malpractice case against a prominent Colorado real estate firm. The case involved a complicated commercial real estate transaction in which DMSL proved the clients’ prior law firm failed to put in place important protections in the purchase documents. After entry of the verdict the case was then settled for $771,000 with the inclusion of costs and statutory interest. The firm also separately sued the … Continued