Helping our clients find real world solutions is the hallmark of Darling Milligan Horowitz. We cherish our long-standing relationships with business and individual clients, whether their matters are complex or straightforward, and ensure our clients receive prompt personal attention.

We handle large and small real estate and business transactions; banking, construction, employment and insurance matters, condemnation, and commercial, employment and personal injury litigation. Our lawyers offer a wealth and variety of experience, expertise and insight.

Our clients deserve and receive effective and efficient representation. Whether a matter involves closing a transaction, avoiding or resolving a dispute, or collecting amounts due, we strive to achieve the highest quality results at a reasonable cost. We also offer consultation services to select the best approach to solving problems at the earliest stages of a matter. Because we are a small and independent firm, our lawyers have the flexibility to adjust their fees and fee structure to accommodate clients’ needs.

There is a better way to provide legal services and our goal is to work with you to provide it.


Helping Build Business

The attorneys at Darling Milligan Horowitz help people in all phases of their business. If you need help setting up a partnership, LLC, or corporation, we will work with you to protect your assets and business ideas.

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Real Estate

Helping to Close the Deal

Our attorneys have decades of experience helping clients buy and sell commercial and multi-family real estate. We are focused on helping you get the deal done.

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Helping When it Matters Most

Lawsuits are time-consuming and expensive, so Darling Milligan Horowitz works to help you avoid them. However, if you need to file a lawsuit or defend against one to protect your rights, our litigators have handled nearly every type of case and, when necessary, are fully prepared to go to trial.

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